How To Pack

Use uniform-sized boxes with lids and don’t over-stuff or under-pack your boxes. The more uniform and stable your boxes are, the less chance of damage.  Boxes should have a weight limit of 45lbs. Additional charges may apply to over weighted boxes.

Tape your boxes well (don’t rely on the flaps to hold). Please do not over pack / stuff your boxes. To help maximize efficiency and reduce risk of damage, it is important that boxes be properly sealed. Items in boxes which are not properly sealed are not eligible for inventory protection. Additional charges may apply if you have multiple boxes which are not properly sealed.

We recommend using wardrobe boxes  for your clothing. Depending on the volume of clothing within your closets, wardrobe boxes can be an efficient way to pack your clothes while keeping the neat and tidy (help to avoid wrinkled clothing). One wardrobe box holds up to 2 feet of closet space. A cheaper alternative are plastic bags. If using plastic bags, we suggest larger "construction style" bags.

Label and color-code your boxes and furniture. Our crew needs to know where you want your items placed at your new location — and you’ll probably want to know what’s in each box once you’ve moved. To help us move you as quickly as possible, we recommend placing colored stickers (one color for each room) on each item you’re moving and on the walls of the room (or area) to which that item is going. To help you after we’ve left, we recommend labeling your boxes so you know what’s in them.

For dresser drawers, file cabinets, and desk drawers: If your dresser drawers are completely removable, you can leave them packed – with soft things only. Please empty file cabinets and desk drawers.

Do not include valuable documents, jewelry, or any item(s) of extraordinary or special value in the load. For everyone’s protection, we ask that you move these items on your own: we cannot take responsibility for them nor are such items eligible for inventory protection.

If you plan to move antiques or items of rare and/or unusual value, be sure to notify us in advance of your move date. We are always very careful with your goods, but we want to make sure you’re as protected as possible. You may also wish to check with your homeowners insurance, since you might already have coverage.

Small electronics are best transported by you. Please note that in the absence of our negligence, we are not responsible for their functioning after moving service .

Weapons, Ammunition, Corrosives, and Combustibles: By law we cannot carry these.

Do you offer packing and unpacking services?

Yes. For more information about these services, please notify us in advance.
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